Merveille Vineyards on Calapooya Creek

Family Activities

A postcard afternoon at Covey Point on Calapooya

Our newest mowing machines

Khota and Zoli at Play.

Bubbles and Latte on their first day outside (between meals)

Bubbles is about 3 days old

Latte is about 5 days old

Latte and Bubbles resting in the morning sun - what a kid's life.  They are growing up quickly and nearly ready for weaning.  Nearly 3 months old now.

We are glutens for punishment - we added 3 more bottle kids to the goat herd.

Their first day out with the big kids.  Bangles, Leche and Butterscotch join the Latte and Bubbles herd in early January 2015.  Now about 5 weeks old and drinking about 14 oz of milk replacer 3x per day.  Nearly 20 lbs each.

The new Kids at their Milk Bar from left to right; Bangles, Leche, and Butterscotch.  We used individual bottles for their first 5 weeks but now they drink more than the 16 oz bottle will hold so the milk bar is easier on us as well as being better for their health.  Wish we would have had the Milk Bar for Bubbles and Latte.

2016 Additions

We added 9 new kids in 2016.  All were kidded in a three week period from our 5 does.  Four does had twins and our youngest doe (Bourbon) had a single.  The kids:

Bourbon kidded Clary
Bubbles kidded Murphy and CJ (Calamity Jane)
Bangles kidded Magnum and Cuvee
Butterscotch kidded Cupcake and Cocoa
Brandy kidded Mocha and Macchiato (Macchi)

We can't keep all but hope to find nice homes that need great blackberry eaters.  

Bourbon playing with 4 kids (CJ, Cuvee, Clary,Magnum)
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